Available utilities.


KU Electric provides electrical service for the city of Mt. Vernon and two county municipalities: Livingston and Brodhead.

Jackson Energy serves the remainder of Rockcastle County.


Windstream is the telephone service provider for Rockcastle County. Stay connected for business using Windstream telephone services.


The City of Mt. Vernon serves the community with a 4 million gallon per day capacity. Another 2 million gallons per day capacity is available to go online to accommodate future growth.


The Mt. Vernon Sewer Department has a capacity of 372,000 gallons per day. The sewer system services Mt. Vernon and the Rockcastle County Industrial Parks. Plans are underway to extend lines around Lake Linville to ensure quality water. Livingston and Brodhead have their own sewer lines.


Broadband (high-speed internet delivery) through Windstream is available in most locations throughout Rockcastle County. Spectrum is available everywhere within the city limits of Mt. Vernon. Additionally, IWI Communications offers WiMAX to the Brodhead area of the county.


Natural gas resources are not available in Rockcastle County at this time.